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DigitalFutures is an independent strategic advisory that assists innovators, financial institutions, project leaders and public sector decision makers to explore opportunities and develop sustainable financial technology solutions and digital transformation strategies. We help organizations plan, test and develop new innovative business models and revenue streams.

We offer business strategy and advisory services on Digital Asset Exchanges, FinTech, Blockchain, Regtech, Digital Identity Management, Governance and Risk Management and the Digital Economy.

Our consultants bring many decades of consulting, executive management and capital markets experience to help our clients understand and participate in the new digital economy.

DigitalFutures is passionate about creating sustainable futures in which everyone can participate equitably and fairly, and with respect for our environment.

First Blockchain + FinTech study in Canada

First Blockchain + FinTech study in Canada

DigitalFutures conducted the first study in Canada, commissioned by AdvantageBC, that set out to discover competitive drivers to build and further develop the ecosystem that supports Vancouver, BC, and Canada, as a global Blockchain and FinTech hub. [Full Report] Key...

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Regulatory Sandboxes Come in all Shapes and Sizes

Regulatory Sandboxes Come in all Shapes and Sizes

The digital wave is hitting the financial service industry at an extraordinary rate creating opportunities but also challenges for the financial services ecosystem. Consumers have higher expectations and want better access, transparency and delivery options. New...

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Blockchain + FinTech Canada 2020

Blockchain + FinTech Canada 2020

DigitalFutures is actively engaged in providing leadership in digital currencies, the blockchain, FinTech and Regtech in the commercial, public, and social sectors that will guide policy, investment decisions and support innovation and job creation in Canada in this...

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DigitalFutures offers consultation, business development and advisory services in FinTech, Blockchain, AltFinance and the Digital Economy, and facilitates engagements with private, national and international trading and investment partners, VCs and angel investors; and  crowdfunding, mergers and acquisitions opportunities.


DigitalFutures coordinates and organizes interdisciplinary research such as in fintech futures and related technological and social issues, to provide advice on a diverse range of policy issues and products through the use of specialized knowledge and the activation of its networks.


DigitalFutures harnesses its network of senior executives, entrepreneurs, investors, academics and government leaders to host events bringing together ventures, business opportunities, trade and investments in FinTech, digital finance, AltFinance, RegTech, digital currencies and blockchain technologies.


DigitalFutures executives speak at leading digital economy, investment management, IT, mobile media, BPO, FinTech, bitcoin and blockchain events advancing the progress of new ideas, innovations and applications, and adaptive leadership futures and entrepreneurial skills.

Blockchain and Distributed Systems


 Paris Open Source Summit, November 16/17, 2016

Open source is the heart of the essential digital transformation brought by distributed systems and the phenomenon of Blockchains. This technical track you will discover an introduction to programming and Bitcoin and Ethereum, particularly in the cloud. For example, Ethereum is the basis of several applications of digital asset management as Fundonomy or managing users of, a distributed communications system.

Trackleader: Manie Eagar, DigitalFutures – From the distributed hash table to blockchain contract: Ring distributed systems, Adrien Béraud, Savoir-faire Linux; Programming a micropayment server bitcoin – Feedback with 2 implementations, Vidal Chriqui, SII; Digital Asset Management and Value Exchange, Manie Eagar, DigitalFutures; Microsoft Strategy Blockchain an open ecosystem for business, Marc Gardette, Microsoft.


The FinTechBook: Fintech + Digital Currency  - Convergence or Collision?

fintechbooklaunchManie is a contributing author of the first crowdsourced on the global FinTech ecosystem – The FintechBookA front-line industry insider’s look at the financial technology explosion. The FinTechBook is an Amazon bestseller.

In just two short years cryptocurrency has grown from a hobby project to a multi-billion dollar global digital finance industry. With new competing alternatives and technology advancing beyond simple currency-based payments to all manner of value exchange, financial instruments, smart contracts and blockchain based distributed ledgers, everyone is waking up to the fact that Bitcoin was just the beginning.

Arriving just in time for the great convergence of mobile payments, digital branchless banking and digital-value exchange, Bitcoin, alternative currencies, and digital finance innovations promise a major disruption of global finance.

blockchainThe blockchain’s distributed ledger is a significant innovation that could transform almost every aspect of commerce and information management. Leveraging distributed ledger technologies is shaping a host of new services and applications.

fintechThe FinTech revolution is affecting the whole financial sector. Emerging financial technologies are challenging the traditional models of banking, trade and investment, and information technologies creating many points of convergence and potential collision for the incumbents.

altfinanceThe ‘second market’ is democratizing access to new forms of finance such as crowdfunding and peer to peer lending for individual investors, the sharing economy, social causes and entrepreneurs alike.

digitalassetsDigital currencies and asset value exchanges are the new media for the storage and transmission of value through a variety of mobile and online platforms creating greater liquidity and fluidity for the digital economy.

ictIncreasingly sophisticated ICT network infrastructure; Mobile communications, media and entertainment; Artificial Intelligence, Virtual and Augmented Reality; and IoT for a connected world.