The World’s First Leadership Book and Program for the Blockchain Generation

The word lead originates from the Anglo-Saxon word “laed” which means to “show the way”. The essence of leadership therefore means to be a pathfinder – a person who shows the way to others, stepping away from current thinking of leaders as “influence” towards a more bold stance of positive impact.

We are the Blockchain Generation!

The Crypto and Blockchain Generation is a generation of people from all walks of life who think about AI, cryptoassets, the token economy and blockchain as intuitively as Generation Z approaches email or social media.” (Inspired by and adapted from Jeremy Gardner)

Talent Leadership for the Token and Blockchain Generation

The race for attracting and retaining crypto and blockchain talent is on. An element that stand in the way of attracting and retaining high demand skills, is that current traditional talent practices were built for a previous age: centralized leadership, IT platforms and organizational dynamics.

First Blockchain + FinTech study in Canada

by Manie & MaRi Eagar. DigitalFutures conducted the first study in Canada, commissioned by the government of BC, that set out to discover competitive drivers to build and further develop the ecosystem that supports Vancouver, BC, and Canada, as a global Blockchain and...

Regulatory Sandboxes Come in all Shapes and Sizes

The digital wave is hitting the financial service industry at an extraordinary rate creating opportunities but also challenges for the financial services ecosystem. Consumers have higher expectations and want better access, transparency and delivery options. New...