Since 2013 DigitalFutures has been active volunteers in a variety of initiatives to support the robust and sustainable development of the emerging cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem in Canada and internationally.

MaRi Eagar is the Founder and lead organizer of The BC Blockchain Forum – a private/public sector initiative to explore the benefits of blockchain technologies and the associated creation of digital assets promoting digital transformation and the digital economy in British Columbia, and Canada-wide.

“We provide those who are just learning about blockchain or are already deeply immersed in, with a look at how innovative ideas are developed and executed. We also provide detailed information about what blockchain is, its evolution and its potential to change the future. We support the growth of the digital economy through collaboration and partnerships with entrepreneurs, startups, investors, corporates, educational institutions, service providers, and government bodies.”

Manie Eagar and MaRi Eagar provide global thought leadership, lectures, mentoring and networking support to students at Blockchain@UBC. “Blockchain@UBC is a collaborative research cluster focusing on blockchain technology as one component of investigating the broader research question “How can emerging technologies be leveraged to benefit Canadians.”As an emerging technology, there is no universally agreed definition of the blockchain, but it is often described as a distributed ledger that maintains a continually growing list of publicly accessible records secured from tampering and revision. Over time, the blockchain is said to create a persistent, immutable, and ever-growing public ledger that continually updates to represent the latest state.”

Manie Eagar is a Director of the BC Blockchain Ecosystem. “The Blockchain Ecosystem is a new industry consortium set up to research, develop and commercialize the latest blockchain applications and technologies in order to establish B.C. as a hub for new and emerging blockchain technologies.”


Manie Eagar is Chairman of the Blockchain Association of Canada (BAC) and is a founding member elected to the board since 2013. “The BAC, formerly the Bitcoin Alliance of Canada, has been the voice of Blockchain technology in Canada since 2013. We speak for an industry that aims to touch the daily lives of Canadians in every corner of the country — by providing jobs, career opportunities, and by investing in the communities we serve.”