The Blockchain Executive: At the Heart of the Distributed Digital Asset Exchange and Blockchain Economy

“All three attributes – decentralized, secure, and human-meaningful – must be provided if people are to communicate and be communicated about securely over the Internet, and this paper along with the article Advances in Distributed Security shows how to provide all three.” Nick Szabo, (Secure Property Titles with Owner Authority, 1998)

DigitalFutures’ The Blockchain Executive Radio Show  is currently hosted on BlockchainRadio. We conduct “elite” interviews with industry executives, entrepreneurs and senior business professionals from the distributed digital asset exchange and blockchain economy. Our ambition is to help our audience learn why and how “people matters” contribute to success and competitive advantages in the digital future.

You will learn from their experience in creating new forms of leadership and organizing, and what motivates them to be catalysts for change. They may be asked about how to become and stay anti-fragile, unlock leaderless organizations, create strong eco-system plays and their interests outside of business. Guests may also be asked about influences, mentors and early career experiences.

Our interviews cover three key themes:

  • The Art of Decentralized Leadership in the Singularity – Unlocking the potential of leaderless organizations
  • What Got You Here Today, Won’t Get You There Tomorrow – Personal and Cultural Transformation strategies to achieve future success
  • Unconventional wisdom to outfox boundaries in the New World

“Decentral and distributed organizations do by nature not have one leader, but many (fluid) leaders. These types of organizations don’t have central intelligence as the intelligence is spread throughout the system. This is a fascinating topic we need to explore much further as we get closer to Singularity.” Marianne Wynne, Digital Adoption and Transformation Strategist