The Blockchain Executive: Unlocking People Power in the Distributed Token and Blockchain Economy

“All three attributes – decentralized, secure, and human-meaningful – must be provided if people are to communicate and be communicated about securely over the Internet, and this paper along with the article Advances in Distributed Security shows how to provide all three.” Nick Szabo, (Secure Property Titles with Owner Authority, 1998)

  • Do we need leaders in the token and blockchain economy?
  • How do you lead the development of strategic ecosystems and communities across the globe?
  • How do you develop leaders in a decentralized economy?

DigitalFutures’ The Blockchain Executive Show hosted on  Blockchain Radio aims to unlock the Human Power of the Token and Blockchain Economy.

We conduct “elite” interviews with industry executives, entrepreneurs and senior business professionals to help our audience learn why and how “people matters” contribute to success and competitive advantages in the digital future.

You will learn from their experience in creating new forms of leadership and organizing, and what motivates them to be catalysts for change. They may be asked about how  to unlock leaderless organizations, create strong eco-system plays and team development. Each episode is supported by leadership development content to enable listeners to apply it to their own businesses.

Episode 1: How do you become a leader in the decentralized economy?

In the genesis episode I speak to Beier Cai, CTO of FirstCoin Capital (a company in Galaxy Digital) where he shares how his career changed from coding to leading teams of developers at Hootsuite (unicorn business) to now executive and founder in the token and blockchain economy.

In Beier’s view, leadership in the token economy is much harder than developing products, in particular because you also need to develop a strategic, decentralized ecosystem.

He describes his perspective on inspirational leadership, such as Satoshi Nakamoto, and shares pragmatic tips on how to cultivate a culture towards a more “leaderless” organizations – applying principles and practices from holocracy.  Another gem is his description of the rapid release cycle and safeguards to prevent epic failures. I also asked him if a more decentralized style of leadership is teachable.

Beier explains how much value he gains from the book “The Phoenix Project: A  novel about IT, DevOps and Helping Your Business Win.”