MaRi Eagar

MaRi Eagar

Chair and a Founder of DigitalFutures

MaRi Eagar is blockchain consultant working in this industry since 2013. She is a Chartered Accountant and Business Strategist with an international career at Deloitte, HSBC and Standard Bank. Experienced in designing and establishing centers of excellence, including strategy design and performance development, leadership and talent development, governance and employee value proposition.

She is a Founder and Chair of DigitalFutures where she specializes in token economics, people risk evaluation and distributed leadership and governance mechanisms. She is an executive coach coach to entrepreneurs, large enterprise and blockchain community leaders.

MaRi was ranked on the Thomson Reuters Top 40 Social Influencers in Finance, Innovation and Risk, 2017.

She is a Medium Program Partner and author of The Crypto and Blockchain Generation: Distributed Leadership and Organizational Development in the Crypto Economy. She is writing the world’s first leadership book for the distributed blockchain economy.

MaRi is a co-founder of the BC Blockchain Forum and partner of Blockchain@UBC and a board advisor at the Lifeboat Foundation (New Money Systems and Human Trajectories).  As an instigator of networks for strategic change, she is passionate about economic inclusion and financial wellbeing as cornerstones for future sustainable societies.



Education and Certification

  • B Com (Accounting, Auditing, Business Management)
  • Higher Diploma Accountancy
  • Chartered Accountant South Africa
  • Masters in Philosophy Personal, Interpersonal and Professional Leadership (cum laude)
  • Post-Graduate Certificate: Individual and Group Leadership Consulting, Facilitation and Coaching
  • Leadership and Talent Assessments and Development (including HEXACO Personality Model, Strengths Profile)
  • Introduction to Digital Currencies (with accomplishment) (University Nicosia – The first university course on bitcoin and blockchain technologies)
  • Just Money: Banking as if Society Mattered (MIT)
  • Deep Democracy Facilitator: Participative Leadership Facilitator
  • Certified Applied Positive Psychology Practitioner and Coach
  • Certified Team Coaching International Facilitator
  • Certified Somatic (Embodied) Leadership Coach and Educator (White Belt, Green Belt)
  • Prosci Certified Change PractitionerTrain-the-trainer offering all Prosci training in-house, Enterprise Change Management Bootcamp

Digital Transformation Accomplishments

  • Blockchain Thought Leader & Speaker: CIO Association of Canada Annual Forum, Vancouver 2018
  • Design and facilitation of the BC Blockchain Forum Roundtables 
  • Design agile and distributed organizational change management strategy and tactics for D365 ERP implementation: Canada wide retail cooperative, and lead the implementation of the first phase adoption tactics
  • Research, design, and facilitation of new distributed leadership and talent management model for BC Crown Corporation, working directly with executive and senior leadership teams
  • Research, re-engineering and prototyping of peak performance development program for more than 4000 employees across the province for BC Crown Corporation and Regulator
  • Organizational change lead for IT Division restructuring to support new growth and digital transformation strategy for BC Crown Corporation
  • Change lead accomplishing 100% adoption of new payment system and policies for BC Regulator
  • Design and implementation of new Personal Leadership Program for Young Professionals: Deloitte Canada
  • Vancouver Lead for Establishment of Deloitte’s new leadership and team leadership coaching practice in Canada


The Blockchain Executive – Unlocking the Human Power of the Token and Blockchain Economy

  • How do we transition successfully into the digital economy?
  • How can we reinvent how we work and live and play?
  • How do we buidl forward into a more regenerative and hopeful future?

We are the Blockchain Generation!

The Crypto and Blockchain Generation is a generation of people from all walks of life who think about AI, cryptoassets, the token economy and blockchain as intuitively as Generation Z approaches email or social media.” (Inspired by and adapted from Jeremy Gardner)

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Talent Leadership for the Token and Blockchain Generation

The race for attracting and retaining crypto and blockchain talent is on. An element that stand in the way of attracting and retaining high demand skills, is that current traditional talent practices were built for a previous age: centralized leadership, IT platforms and organizational dynamics.

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Lessons from experiments in the DAO – Voting

Instead of looking towards models such as “classical” democracy which focuses on majority rule, decentralized communities are encouraged to study research and models from human dynamics that aim to include all voices, states of awareness, and frameworks of reality as important.

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