openaxyz Ontario Innovation grant recipient: demonstrating our solution at the Ontario Innovation Exhibition

One of the roadblocks in large established organizations is to generate agility  in closing the gap between a great idea, and effectively implementing it and knowing when to change course.

This is becoming even more difficult as large organizations become more distributed while enabling more openness and transparency, rapid cascading and scaling of strategic goals and ability to adapt to unexpected events, increase social collaboration and cross-functional team and projects performance tracking and management.

At the start of 2009, after spending many years investigating various organizational practices, theories, models and tools, DigitalFutures collaborated with a team of drupal (opensource) developers and user experience designers to apply design thinking and agile software development (scrum) to solve this problem.

We worked closely with executives, subject matter experts and client staff during prototyping – observing how they interacted with different toolsets and created functionality based on their needs. This ensured we achieved software that was called “beautiful” yet highly intuitive and functional. Our software passed an independent hacker test that was required by Barclays’s African operations.

openaxyz Finalist at RIC Centre Innovator Idol 2012

The outcome was a cloud based solution that enabled distributed strategy planning and implementation, in particular cross-team performance management, while maintaining coherence and alignment to the overarching vision. The toolset was deployed originally at Barclays Africa, and eventually applied at a variety of organizations, including a national post office, development bank and even start-ups in Ontario to help plan their growth strategies.

We also received a nomination as finalist in the RIC Centres, Ontario, Innovator Idol 2012.