The distributed future of the digital economy

We are at the threshold of the largest capital transformation in history.

The evolving global capital market increasingly enables the creation, distribution trading of digital assets leading to a transformation of wealth management at an exponential scale.

This is ushering in a new era of Digital Asset Value Exchange (DAVEX).

The inter-exchange of value:

The ‘Internet of Things’ meets the ‘Internet of Value Exchange’


The production, consumption, and inter-exchange of digital goods and services: content creation (music, artwork, books, design); smart contracts; share certificates; legal; accounting; machine-to-machine trading; peer-to-peer networking, crowdfunding; gifting; resource, knowledge and skills sharing; etc.


Decentralized registration, storage & distribution of value via distributors; exchanges; market makers, smart contracts; tokenization; digital currencies; loyalty schemes; promotions, etc.

Identity, assets, transactions, and usage recorded and stored in distributed ledger and blockchain technologies.


Decentralized access to, and control of digital assets: users, consumers, aggregators, market spaces, resellers, licensees, merchants, agents, and promoters of digital goods and services.

Validation and verification of identity and transactions. Compliance: AML/KYC. Governance.

Digital asset creation and distribution – fueling the digital economy

Digital asset creation and distribution – fueling the digital economy

“We are at the threshold of the largest capital transformation in history. The market is evolving from investment in cryptocurrencies to digital assets – tokenized securities, commodities, and assets – a multi-trillion-dollar global market opportunity.” From the annual lecture to top executives from the China Construction Bank at the Rotman School of Management, Toronto.

Digital Asset Exchange: Platform Convergence

Convergence at the intersection of blockchain, IOT, AI, cybersecurity, regtech, fintech, cryptocurrencies, digital asset value exchange, etc.

The Internet laid the first foundation. We are now moving beyond first-generation crypto and blockchain technologies.

Critical is security, rights protection, and digital identity management.

Becoming co-creators of value and exchange

Digital asset creation enables elegant new forms of value exchange and reward.

Digital transformation will become a reality as global consumers and users engage as the new co-creators of value and agents of exchange.

Our common goal is inclusive growth, mitigation of inequality, new skills development, job creation, and wealth creation.

Riding the next wave

Business opportunities are multiplying at the convergence of blockchain, cryptocurrency, tokenized offerings, artificial intelligence, big data and predictive analytics, machine learning, the internet of things, and quantum computing.

This is accelerating innovation and investment in mobile communications and ecommerce, next generation financial and regulatory technologies, alternative finance and ICOs; and the creation, offering, trading and exchange of tokenized assets, commodities and securities.

Value Proposition

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“There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come!” Victor Hugo

Now hone your idea into an actionable mission, vision, and value proposition with clear goals.


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Healthy business ecosystems carefully nurture their community of supporters, users, and investors. This vital to achieving your business goals and for the sustainable success of your venture.



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Seeking ‘best in class’ advisories and mentorships is vital in shaping your mental and entrepreneurial resilience and your ability to ‘go the distance’.

Our Engagement Model

DigitalFutures follows a three-step model on which we expand and customize for each unique engagement.








DigitalFutures addressing the Canadian Senate Trade and Banking Commission in 2015. A number of DigitalFutures' proposals for a sound regulatory environment to promote digital currency and blockchain technology innovation were substantially incorporated in the Committee’s final report recommendations: Digital Currency – You Can’t Flip This Coin!  [Report]

First Canadian Senate Trade and Banking Commission on Digital Currencies

Contributing author to the first crowdsourced FintechBook on the burgeoning global FinTech ecosystem.  "Arriving just in time for the great convergence of mobile payments, digital branchless banking and digital-value exchange, bitcoin, alternative currencies, and digital finance innovations promise a major disruption of global finance."  An Amazon bestseller.

FinTech + DigitalCurrency – Convergence or Collision?

DigitalFutures conducted the first study in Canada, commissioned by the government and leading industry stakeholders of British Columbia, that set out to discover competitive drivers to build and further develop the ecosystem that supports Vancouver, BC, and Canada, as a global Blockchain and FinTech hub. [Full Report]

First FinTech + Blockchain Study in Canada

DigitalFutures hosts presentations and facilitates workshops globally for executives at the Rotman School of Management , UBC Blockchain Society, Paris Open Innovation Summit,  on the applications and the impact of blockchain, fintech and digital currencies. [Slidedeck]

Executive Workshops: Crypto Currencies & Blockchain for FinTech

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