B.U.I.L.D. Training and Workshops

Enabling innovation through blockchain technology

Challenges abound to apply blockchain technologies through cross-platform methodologies to sandbox, prototype, blueprint and deploy Digital Currency and Assets Management; Smart Contracts and Distributed Ledger solutions for business, government, NGO’s and enterprise. Blockchain technologies have captured the attention of governments, financial and technology service providers, institutions and investors alike. More companies are finding they require knowledge of this new technology and resulting applications in order to keep up in this fast-paced environment. Some of these challenges they experience include:

  • Crafting disruptive enterprise-ready business models for digital currency and distributed ledger solutions
  • Developing standardized Digital Currency and Blockchain application and readiness assessments, and deployment toolsets;
  • Providing project management and business process tool for enterprise applications of the full stack deployment of cross-platform distributed ledger, tokenization and smart contract technology, with readiness assessment, capacity evaluation, integration implications, change controls, stakeholder communications, compliance, governance and risk management; and Benchmarking managed Business Process Reengineering roadmaps for the successful application of the latest distributed ledger, smart contract and digital currency deployments

What will the Blockchain-by- Design training achieve?

The purpose of this program is to provide knowledge, models and tools to understand the blockchain eco-system and value chain, gain insight into potential applications, develop a blockchain prototype and consider business impacts and implementation challenges and opportunities.

Participants will learn how to apply global research from global leading blockchain experts to navigate a sequence of four modules. Each module will provide practical models, tools and references for further exploration beyond the program.

The following learning and innovation outcomes will be achieved:

Module One: The Blockchain Value Chain – Understanding the current global blockchain landscape and applications eco-system to leverage the rapidly evolving technology;

Module Two: Blockchain Use cases – Gaining insight and foresight about the potential application of blockchain technologies through real-world use cases in: Finance, Government, NGO, Enterprise

Module Three: The Internet of Value Exchange – Design principles for developing blockchain prototypes: What is the Value Proposition? Where to start? Which type of blockchain? Learning design principles for developing contextual blockchain prototypes and deployment. Assess Digital Asset Value Exchange (DAVE) and Distributed Autonomous Organization (DAO) frameworks.

Module Four: Business Impacts of implementing blockchain solutions – A framework for assessing business impacts of adopting and implementing blockchain technologies such as compliance & regulatory, business process(re)engineering, stakeholder engagement, readiness assessments, project implementation and the people dynamics of change.

How will participants learn and innovate?

The course will apply an action based training approach. Participants will be introduced to the Blockchain Value Chain, Digital Asset Value Exchange (DAVE), blockchain prototype design principles as well as a simple business impacts framework.

Participants will learn how to apply a structured process to gain insight and foresight into the current blockchain eco-system and use case potential, as well as how to develop and deploy blockchain technologies for their own projects and organizations.

In addition they will have an opportunity to work on their own blockchain project, either as an individual or a group/team. This will enable them to apply their new knowledge to empower them to become confident to innovate using blockchain technologies.

At the end of the program participants will walk away their own blockchain prototype project that can be applied to their blockchain initiatives.

What is in it for them? How will it help improve their business growth?

Participants will gain advantages for their own blockchain services and products through knowing how to apply the Blockchain Value Chain to assess and evaluate the evolving blockchain technology landscape;

Understanding Digital Asset Value Exchange (DAVE) and the potential for disruptive innovation and new opportunities;Developing blockchain prototype solutions using Blockchain by Design Principles;

Knowing how to apply a Blockchain Business Impacts Framework to evaluate develop strategies and tactics that will motivate target audiences to engage in a positive way with blockchain technologies;

Target audience

The B-Labs course will provide attendees with a working knowledge of emerging variants of blockchain technologies and digital asset value exchanges.

The course is available to everyone who is interested in learning more about the applications and benefits of blockchain technologies how the applications exist and operate in the real-world impacts of these applications upon businesses and professions