The Blockchain Executive: Unlocking People Power in the Distributed Token and Blockchain Economy

“All three attributes – decentralized, secure, and human-meaningful – must be provided if people are to communicate and be communicated about securely over the Internet, and this paper along with the article Advances in Distributed Security shows how to provide all three.” Nick Szabo, (Secure Property Titles with Owner Authority, 1998)

  • Do we need leaders in the token and blockchain economy?
  • How do you lead the development of strategic ecosystems and communities across the globe?
  • How do you develop leaders in a decentralized economy?

DigitalFutures’ The Blockchain Executive Show hosted on  Blockchain Radio aims to unlock the Human Power of the Token and Blockchain Economy.

We conduct “elite” interviews with industry executives, entrepreneurs and senior business professionals to help our audience learn why and how “people matters” contribute to success and competitive advantages in the digital future.

You will learn from their experience in creating new forms of leadership and organizing, and what motivates them to be catalysts for change. They may be asked about how  to unlock leaderless organizations, create strong eco-system plays and team development. Each episode is supported by leadership development content on Leadership Web 3.0 to enable listeners to apply it to their own businesses.

1 : How do you become a leader in the decentralized economy?

Blockchain CTO Perspective

In the genesis episode I speak to Beier Cai, CTO of FirstCoin Capital (a company in Galaxy Digital) where he shares how his career changed from coding to leading teams of developers at Hootsuite (unicorn business) to now executive and founder in the token and blockchain economy.

In Beier’s view, leadership in the token economy is much harder than developing products, in particular because you also need to develop a strategic, decentralized ecosystem.

He describes his perspective on inspirational leadership, such as Satoshi Nakamoto, and shares pragmatic tips on how to cultivate a culture towards a more “leaderless” organizations – applying principles and practices from holocracy.  Another gem is his description of the rapid release cycle and safeguards to prevent epic failures. I also asked him if a more decentralized style of leadership is teachable.

Beier explains how much value he gains from the book “The Phoenix Project: A  novel about IT, DevOps and Helping Your Business Win.”

2: How do you lead a global values-based meshwork?

Token Generating Event/ICO CEO Perspective

Sit back with the Blockchain Executive show and enjoy learning from John Lyotier, CEO at RightMesh AG, and co-founder of Left, who is a role model for courage and purpose-oriented business practices in the token and blockchain economy.

John describes how he realized that world is global and connected, and why “doing the right things, right” is so important and embedded in the DNA of Rightmesh – not in a coerced way, but decentralized, permissionless philosophy.

He provides practical tips for teams to have dialogues about values, while also aligning to their personal values.

While listening, I encourage you to pay attention to John’s foundational character strength “Courage”. You can read more about it, as well as research and practical tips on the topic of values-based decentralized leadership on Leadership Web 3.0.


3: How do you bring human talk into tech talk and money talk?

Blockchain/Web 3.0 Leadership Development Facilitator Perspective: Counsellor

I caught up with Jennifer Aberman, a therapeutic counselor, yoga teacher, mindfulness educator and visual artist in her beautiful counseling room in Vancouver. To Be Heard Counselling is well known in the decentralized communities in Vancouver, and Jen also facilitates Web 3.0 Leadership Development programs.

Jennifer and I explore self-sovereignty, freedom and navigating ethics in the token and blockchain economy. She explains why it is important to bring human talk into tech talk and all the money talk — after all, as she says “it’s people behind code”. She describes how she applies skills to help people connect and gain more clarity in their thinking, as well as helping others to improve how they deal with interpersonal conflicts.

This is a practitioner conversation, designed to give you a more intimate glimpse into the world of those who provide coaching, counseling, facilitation, therapy, self-leadership and other leadership and organizational development workshops and programs in the token and blockchain economy.

You can read more about it, as well as research and practical tips on the topic of values-based decentralized leadership on Leadership Web 3.0.


4: How do you lead adoption in a creative industry? Ask Artist Innovator Tracy Leparulo (aka Crypto Chameleon)

Perspectives from a social entrepreneur and CEO in Marketing and Events Management

“Fate Favours the Bold” . Tracy Leparulo’s favourite quote and source of self-expression

Listen to the conversation with Tracy Leparulo from Untraceable Inc about crypto event marketing, and how she became involved in the industry in 2013. She also shares her perspectives about the future of #eventtech.

Tracy’s own frustrations with remittance and other payment systems to transfer money between different countries, inspired her to become actively involved in the early founding days of Ethereum and the launch of the first wallets and exchanges.

People around her inspire her. Personal connection creates trust and enables diverse opinions to thrive in a decentralized way of organizing.

Tracy describes what makes crypto and blockchain events unique, in particular to ensure a compelling value proposition for everyone who contribute and attend — making it worthwhile for newcomers, investors, startups and technologists alike. She generously describes some of the design concepts behind the iconic lBlockchain Futurist Conference held in Toronto.

Read more about her perspectives as well as decentralized leadership development principles and practices on Web 3.0 Leadership.


5: How do you lead being a positive outler? Ask AML Ninja Amber D Scott founder of Outlier Ventures

Perspectives from a blockchain entrepreneur and CEO in Compliance 

“Bitcoin and understanding decentralization in general has changed my view of the world and what’s possible.” Amber D. Scott

“Open source and transparency — putting things out there, building on top of great knowledge and new revenue sharing models to shape a better future that inspires all of us. “— That is what motivates Amber D Scott, the Anti-Money Laundering Ninja and Founder of Outlier Solutions.

She believes that leaders should not considered themselves to be above others. Amber also reminds us that all leaders are flawed. This is important because in the times we live in, we don’t get to control the message anymore. In other words, our persona and image is vulnerable to rapid social media tweet storms and other viral distribution.

She also describes new best practices in compliance, and why creative problems solving skills will create future opportunity for compliance experts as well as their clients.

Read more about her perspectives as well as decentralized leadership development principles and practices on Web 3.0 Leadership.


6: How do you lead through technical excellence? We asked Michael Perklin from Shapeshift

Perspectives from a blockchain entrepreneur and Chief Information Security Officer

Welcome to the Blockchain Executive Radioshow. I am MaRi Eagar and I talked to Michael Perklin  Chief Information Security Officer at Shapeshift, , Founder and Board Member of C4, theCryptoCurrency Certification Consortium, Board Member of The Bitcoin Foundation.

Speaking to Michael inspired me, and I know will inspire you. For example, he describes how technical excellence is a process for challenging yourself where you are, and also improving on it.

He also teaches us the skill of “Swopping the argument”

If you are interested in studying for and becoming a Certified Bitcoin Professional, Expert or Ethereum Developer, Michael reveals a special 50% discount code.

Read more about his perspectives as well as decentralized and peer-to-peer leadership development principles and practices on Web 3.0 Leadership.



7: How do you lead the creation of new token standards and token economics? Ask Matt Lockyer, creator of Composables ERC-998

Perspectives from a token economics engineer, token standard creator and blockchain business founder

Have you been wondering about the Ethereum magicians, Nifty Magicians and Mokens?

Do you have an idea for a new token standard and want to turn it into a reality?

Listen to the Blockchain Executive Radioshow’s fascinating conversation with Matt Lockyer, Founder of Soloblock Solutions Inc, original creator of Crypto Composables ERC-998 and token engineering advisor to FansUnite Entertainment Inc.

Matt demonstrates how having a beginner’s mind, enabled him to identify blue sky opportunities and develop new ideas for token engineering. He stepped into the “permissionless” innovation paradigm, putting in effort to research, design and craft a thoughtful strategy for proposing the new Crypto Composables ERC-998.

Read more about his perspectives as well as decentralized and peer-to-peer leadership development principles and practices on Web 3.0 Leadership.



8: How do you enable a shift in mindset towards leaderless organizations? We ask Digital Transformation expert, Marianne Wyne

Perspectives from an enterprise digital transformation strategist and practitioner who is also introducing blockchain in established organizations

Leadership in the distributed economy requires a new way of thinking and doing. Marianne Wyne is a Digital Transformation expert, and working with large enterprise on new tech and culture adoption. She also studies with Singularity University.

Marianne brings a very pragmatic, yet optimistic perspective on the future of blockchain and distributed technologies, as she sees it as an opportunity to improve business practices.

We discuss in particular how blockchain adoption in large enterprise challenges traditional business and leadership education, which is developed around centralized, hierarchical forms of organizing. She also shares practical examples and tactics for not only creating awareness, but providing positive motivation for leaders to start shifting their leadership practices towards a more peer-to-peer, decentralized economy.

New tech adoption is a much neglected aspect of the token and blockchain economy, and experts like Marianne will play an important role in accelerating adoption.




8: How do you lead through quality relationships? We ask Rochelle Fairfield, Executive Director of the Human Data Commons Foundation and Zen Buddhist.

Perspectives from an Executive Director from a Social Good Business (Data), Zen Buddhist and Integral Leadership Coach and Practitioner

in this episode I am talking to Rochelle Fairfield, Executive Director of the Human Data Commons Foundation.

Rochelle is a certified Integral Coach, long time practicing Zen buddhist and well known decentralized leadership influencer in the Vancouver blockchain communities.

The focus of our conversation is about the important relationship aspects of peer-to-peer leadership in the blockchain economy. We also talk about the inherent adversarial relationships currently in the crypto sphere, as these often startle newcomers to the industry. And of course meditation.

This episode is edited in the Bamboo Lodge, located next to a river and the mountain where you can visit the Pisac Ruins.