John Willock

John Willock

Strategic Advisor to DigitalFutures B.U.I.L.D.

John has been personally active in cryptocurrencies and blockchain since 2011, having been drawn in by the incredible potential for distributed systems of consensus, truth, censorship resistance, and the creation of networks with built-in economic models that can drive all actors to unified goals that advance the whole community’s interests and the system itself.

Following a career in the traditional exchange space at TMX and Nasdaq helping users discover, understand, and derive value from data John has left to pursue ideas capable of enabling these fundamental shifts in how processes and entire ecosystems can be reimagined using distributed ledgers, and proof mechanisms for financial services and beyond.

 John was most recently the Head of Product Management for TMX Global Solutions, Insights & Analytics,where he was tasked with creating tools and services to derive value and understanding from data for clients and deliver returns for TMX Group.

Previously, he managed Nasdaq’s data sales growth strategies in Canada, Europe, portions of US across all asset classes, and was an advisor for Skry, Inc. a Silicon Valley-based blockchain analytics startup from 2015-2017 prior to its acquisition by Bloq Inc.