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Business User-centric Innovation & Leadership Development

We bring many decades of training, executive management, software development, and capital markets experience to help our clients understand and participate in the new distributed digital economy.



Ideation is the creative process of generating, evolving, and communicating new ideas – from innovation to development, to actualization.  Ideation crystallizes complex arguments into validated decisive actions – essential for creating and sustaining value.


Merging creative and dynamic systems and design thinking principles to draft a range of possibilities until the selection of options and the course of action becomes clear. In the end, the facts must speak for themselves and the optimal design is set in place.


Pivot or stay the course? Are there areas of misalignment, opportunities and risks; and levers of change? Identify and address current and fresh opportunities and accelerators, risks and roadblocks. What are the vital decisionpoints for success?


Engage the user/customer. An idea or product that is new does not meet the definition of creativity if it is useless. Effectiveness drives the value of creativity, whether that is financial or social value. Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works (Steve Jobs).


Integrated business modeling connects the technologies, information assets, applications and processes with the strategic, operational and financial planning functions across the enterprise to improve organizational alignment and financial performance.


The application of future-oriented design principles increase an organization’s innovative and competitive qualities. It redefines how problems are approached, identifies opportunities for action, and helps deliver more complete and resilient solutions.

AXYZ Logic

AXYZ Logic™ applies an action-based strategy mapping and business management collaboration tool. It accelerates business and project deployment delivery with validation, accountability, control, and certainty.


FutureLeader is a 21st Century Leadership development model based on ecosystem design thinking. The focus is providing individuals, team and organizations with critical capabilities in closing the gap between vision, future scenarios, ideas generatiion, strategy design and execution. Leaders are able to identify their purpose, and what needs to change to make it happen. Co-created program design, including cultural prototyping, empower leaders to learn and grow while they produce high performance results in a dynamically changing world.

Leadership by Design (Case Studies)

  • Focus effort on what is essential and what leaders need to do well to make a positive difference
  • Adaptive and responsive to new ways of thinking, relating and doing
  • Shared commitment through co-creation and collective leadership
  • Leadership is for everyone who aspires to lead
  • Deep meaning and reimagination through empathic research and immersion including the non-human-world
  • Deeply felt insight through visualization and whole systems interaction
  • Unexpected opportunities by asking new questions while introducing next generation business and leadership practices
  • Powerful new ideas through intuition and tapping into 54 natural senses
  • Fast thinking and learning through prototyping and strengthsbuilding

Leadership Strategy & Culture Hacking (retail enterprise case study)

A neuroscience informed strategic leadership and talent management model replacing competencies with easy to learn “sticky” leadership principles and practices for everyone in the organization. The Leadership Charter linked the model to the vision, strategy and values. Leadership alignment and cascading to different levels of leaders through cultural prototyping.


Remote Work: Adaptive business change model and tools (financial services case study)

Design a new remote work agile and lean business change management method  and tools during COVID-19. Integrated within new business implementation model as part of strategy to develop divisional adapative capabilities.  Aligned goverrnance to strategic leadership and performance model. Develop maturity model for achieving excellence. Develop 100 days onboarding and practitioner guides for implementation.

Nature connected change strategy for Microsoft 365 implementation (retail case study)

Translate the Prosci/ADKAR method and tools into a nature connected, sustainable and employee centric multi-year, enterprise change management strategy. Developed and tested first pilot (prototype). Identified cultural changes needed due to process changes as well as new digital outcomes, such as wider transparency of business performance. Developed train-the-trainer program for change champions.

IT strategic organizational change (regulator and crown corporation case study)

Collaborate with the CIO and senior leadership team in designing and developing a positive change experience while aligning strategically for future growth and digital transformation. We also identified how leadership and culture fit into the new strategy, and deployed a 100 day transition plan for cascading the vision, mission and strategy while the newly created teams align and develop their own team charters and goals.

strategic performance management re-engineering (retail case study)

Re-engineer the performance management system and tools into strengths-based, neuroscience informed process. Prototyped and tested with front line supervisors, middle managers and senior leaders. Introduced job crafting and visual thinking templates organically linking individual and team performance goals to the organizational vision and strategy. Successfully introduced solutions focused coaching and strenghts-based coaching conversations into the model.

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