openaxyz – strategy from A to Z across the organization 

One of the roadblocks in large established organizations is to generate agility  in closing the gap between a great idea, and effectively implementing it and knowing when to change course.

This is becoming even more difficult as large organizations become more distributed while enabling more openness and transparency, rapid cascading and scaling of strategic goals and ability to adapt to unexpected events, optimize data, increase social collaboration and cross-functional team and projects performance tracking and management.

openaxxyz is a new innovation in action-based strategy mapping and business management collaboration tool. It makes business planning and management simple, better and faster to enable you to accelerate the achievement of your goals. Through a logical AXYZ™ stepped matrix framing and cascading method users can discover and display key factors and players in the business and project deployment process delivering control and certainty.

Designed based on observable reality, openaxyz utilizes network effects and distributed organizational technologies, to maintain governance and purpose around core mission and self-organizing groups

  • Speed
  • Trust
  • Scaleability

This enables digital organization designs that are regenerative to adapt and pro-actively positively respond to changes in the environment.